I would like to restrict the visibility of issues by users or groups on the criteria that the issues belong or not to a component. Is it possible or not ? If not I guess that it is a bad design to want to do it, then what would be pertinent ?

Typically a book project : the book is typesetted using so technical tools and the end product is the pdf. There is a Reviewers groups of user tasked with correcting typos etc based on reading the pdf. I don't what them to see technical issues about how the pdf is produced etc.

  • Would not it be much easier just to use separate JIRA projects for this permission handling? Commented Nov 4, 2019 at 14:10

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Basically you want to set security level by component. It's possible with some coding.

According to Nic Brough (Atlassian Community Leader) back in 2012 to similar question

You can't do it directly. There are no permissions for components.

Indirectly, you could try to find or write a plugin that will set a security level based on components.

One year later (2013), a users asked something similar and again Nic Brough

To actually do "security level set by component", you need to do some coding. You need to find/write a post-function to add to the "create" transtion (or listener if you want to do it on edit actions). The code is a simple "if component X, then set security Y" block of statements. I'd look at using the script runner plugin to do it.

Then, later (in 2014), a different user also wrote about restricting access based on component

I created a Security Level.

Four years later, a different user went back to the 2013's question and explained how to set security level based on Component


You can share access to a specific board with the filter which meets all your needs. No additional effort required.

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