I am using the MS project,i have noticed that the total cost column of the project increases every time i enter actual work. i am not sure why is that! could it be because some of the ressources are not working on the planned task for that week. how to i prevent that?

thank you !

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Segregate all task in more small task resource wise, create more WBS and assign to resource name. Define hour based resource allocation. Create proper burn down chart for resources. Remember the basic , work,cost and time ratios. Calculate CPI = EV / AC SPI = EV / PV

  • thank you for your answer, However, the project is kind of big and i am not sure that i am supposed to divide any tasks,
    – amel fraj
    Dec 24, 2019 at 13:47

Partitioning your projects (and your problems) is the best way to manage a project and keep track of it.

Also Keep in mind the work, cost and time ratios.

Calculate CPI = EV / AC SPI = EV / PV as stated above.

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