I have a request to provide my company an estimate of the number of work hours / days expected by the business to be involved a project so that they can perform their hiring forecasts for the year. I've created a project plan and assigned individual resources from different departments as well as grouped them in resource groups by department names.

I can derive the value of the number of hours / days per resource group for the entire project by using the Resource Overview report and grouping by resource group. I would also like to know this value per resource group till the end of the year (as budget for hiring is requested yearly).

However, when I try to apply the "Date Range" or "Should start by" filter with my expected end of year end date to this report, it does not return the correct result. I guess this is because resource work is determined not by task start but by assignment start.

When I try to use the task view to perform this, I get the correct I end up with a complicated report that does not categorize work by resource group but instead by tasks. For example, one task will have a total of 100 hours and 5 resource groups who could be contributing 20 hours each. The resource groups will also be duplicated if they are in different combinations for different tasks.

How can I achieve the report I want which should show in the first column "Resource Groups", second column "Remaining Work" and with the data on column 2 filtered for activity between the project start and the end of the year for example?

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