Thanks for your support in advance. I am trying to build Resource plan for Engineering team. Each team member works for different projects.How do I set up the MSP file for each project. I am planning something like below. Hours and which resource will do the work is known as an input. eg 50 hours task - 10 days duration - 2 resources can work but hours should split (spread) uniformly over activity duration for both the resources. How do I set up the tasks, Fixed Duration or something else, What should be the % complete type (so that remaining work is updated based on % complete and moved after status date), so that I get correct remaining work (original work should not change) details for each activity resource wise. I can than have details of all the remaining work for all resource wise and club for all projects to know the details. After baselining, how do I set up the schedule update porcess, work to remain same as baseline, but duration can change to accommodate the new forecast date. So the remaining work needs to spread over the remaining duration.

Thank you very much for the help.

  • Welcome to the Project Management forum. You are asking a very large number of separate questions here, all about the basic operation of MS Project. May I respectfully suggest that you do some basic investigation yourself through either using the system to set up a simple test project, or by attending a training course or reading training material on-line, then come back with questions on specific points where you are still unsure of how to progress? – Iain9688 Mar 3 at 19:28

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