My team is going to develop 3 jira stories sign up, login and password recovery. Each of them needs PO, UI, Front-End and Back-End do their work respectively.

To track their work, I need to create 3 similar groups of sub-tasks under corresponding story respectively.

For example, under jira story sign up, I have to create sub-task sign up - product definition for PO, sign up - Front-End for Front-End, and so on

under jira story login, I have to create sub-task login - product definition for PO, login - Front-End for Front-End, and so on

In case one might argue that the way above is not good, please discuss that on another thread distinguish different jobs between occupations.

Repeat similar work is boring, is it possible to perform the creation above automatically in Jira?


You can do automated stuff in Jira through plugins that use their API. You could in theory have an external program do it, too. Last time I checked there is no batch or macro in the user interface, because if you need repetitive work like what you describe, you are most likely doing it wrong.

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  • Thank you. I am indeed worrying about if I am doing it correctly. How do you distinguish/identify different jobs between occupations in jira? for example, how many tasks the PO has done, how many tasks the front-end engineer needs to deliver? – JJJohn May 18 at 0:45

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