I'm using MS Project which is connected to a PWA. All users complete their tasks on the online 'Tasks' page. For the task owners, I need a flag that tells them that all the predecessors for their task is complete. I can see how to do this in VBA with the following code:

Sub GetPredStatus()
Dim pj As Project
Dim t As Task 'subject task
Dim p As Task 'Predecessor task
Set pj = ActiveProject

For Each t In ActiveProject.Tasks
    If t Is Nothing Then GoTo NextTask

    For Each p In t.PredecessorTasks
        If p.PercentComplete < 100 Then
            t.Flag7 = False
            GoTo NextTask
        End If
    Next p
t.Flag7 = True
Next t
End Sub

The problem is, I need this flag to be 'live' and accurate to task users in the PWA. Is this possible?

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