So I've been looking for something pretty particular when it comes to my project. Long story short is that it is a huge project with a multitude of systems that I want to track, of which each has multiple subsystems.

This means that something simple, like single Trello (Kanban) board won't do. I could do multiple boards, yes, but I want to see an overview of them all and link them in a Gantt chart view. Something like TeamGantt (and plenty of other applications) will allow linking and a Gantt view, but no card view. Other apps like Microsoft Project (all versions), Smartsheet, Monday, Asana, allow one or the other (Kanban or Gantt), or a combo, but the combo never allows a seamless incorporation of multiple boards/projects.

The video in this link showcases the combination of Trello and TeamGantt. It's wonderful. Literally the perfect solution and exactly what I'm looking for. I want to take it a step further though and simplify it some more.

That leaves with the question: does anyone know of a solution that does exactly this, but only involves one interface? Preferably a Microsoft solution but I haven't been able to find a full solution yet. Thanks!

  • Welcome Jee. Questions about software recommendations are usually considered off-topic here. That said, have you looked at Jira? Things people like about Jira include its ease of extensibility through its query interface. There is a long list of alternatives here. – nvogel Aug 10 '20 at 5:09

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