Is there a way to lock MS Project into a read-only file that disallows the read-only user from adding or removing columns, changing the size attributes of existing columns or rows, etc.? The password option has a read only function; however, it still allows the user to add and delete columns, change views, etc. Specifically, I am looking for a way, if possible, to make the file act like a .pdf file.


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Creating a World-Readable Project File with a Write-Reservation

What you want is called "write-reservation" in MS-speak. You can find instructions on Microsoft's support site under "Password-protect a project file". Modify them for your particular use case as follows:

  1. Select File -> Save As.
  2. Don't fill in a Protection password if you want to allow anyone to open it read-only.
  3. Set the Write reservation password to a strong password.
  4. Check the Read-only recommended box if you're so inclined. NB: This doesn't actually protect the file; it just adds a warning message when opened read/write.
  5. Distribute the file as you see fit.

Supported Versions

The instructions above are supported in the following versions of MS Project:

  • Project Online Desktop Client
  • Project Professional 2013
  • Project Professional 2016
  • Project Standard 2010
  • Project Standard 2013
  • Project Standard 2016
  • Project Standard 2019
  • Project Professional 2019

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