I'm not sure if this forum is best for an administrative question on jira but here goes.

I currently have an instance set up on Jira Cloud and I'm unable to configure my tasks to show story points.

I would expect to see them under Assignee Below you have a task without points and a story with points.

Task without pointsStory with points

If I attempt to configure either one I'm redirected to the Scrum Default Issue Screen which contains the Story Points as a value in the context fields

enter image description here

What do I need to do to add points to tasks?

  • Welcome to PM.SE. The question is too specific to Jira software and, as Sarov mentioned in his answer, the Atlassian community is a better place to raise this jira setup question. I'm puzzled, however, on why would you want to have Story Points on a Task. That's the kind of question the community can help you out :)
    – Tiago Cardoso
    Oct 3, 2020 at 9:27

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  1. Select the Jira icon > Jira settings > Issues.
  2. Under FIELDS, select Custom Fields.
  3. Find the Story Points Field and note the Issue type(s) that are associated with it.
  4. To allow Tasks (or Bugs) to use Story Points open the three dot menu and select "Configure".
  5. Under the heading "Default Configuration Scheme for Story Points" select "Edit Configuration".
  6. Finally, find the heading "Choose applicable issue types" and select the Issue "Task" issue type is selected (along with Stories and Epics).

Source: https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Jira-questions/Adding-and-showing-story-points-for-tasks/qaq-p/964536

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