I'm impressed with kanban from a team perspective, and I'd like to suggestions on how to implement kanban from a personal perspective.

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You might try personalkanban.com. The site is dedicated to applying Kanban in personal life.


There was a great podcast on this about a year ago ... where a developer introduced it into his home life and the kids were able to get out of the house more effectively in the morning ...

... After some searching its Elegant code #31 - Agile for Families. Great discussion on applying the same principals within the home.


Or just have a board and start doing it like my friend did (http://bit.ly/mFCee3):

enter image description here


You can also get a look at this blog on Agile and Family, especially assigned to implement agile in our family with our kids.

There is also a great book called "Agile Kids".


First of all you need to feel a need to organize your life. Second of all - follow simple personal kanban rules to build your own personal kanban board:

  1. Establish Your Value Stream
  2. Establish Your Backlog
  3. Establish Your WIP Limit
  4. Begin to Pull

Good luck!

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