I am running a report and it would be great to identify the summary task of a task - is this possible?
Reporting via the project API.

E.g. I have the following schedule

WBS Task Resource Custom Field Summary Start End
1 Project Initiation Document Yes 01/02/2021 22/02/2021
1.1 Draft PM Governance Doc No 01/02/2021 06/02/2021
1.2 Review Steering group Governance Doc No 06/02/2021 11/02/2021
1.3 Update PM Governance Doc No 11/02/2021 16/02/2021
1.4 Sign-off Steering group Governance Doc No 16/02/2021 21/02/2021
1.5 Publish PM Governance Doc No 21/02/2021 22/02/2021

And wish to return the following table via the reporting API

Document Task Resource Start End
Project Initiation Document Draft PM 01/02/2021 06/02/2021
Project Initiation Document Review Steering group 06/02/2021 11/02/2021
Project Initiation Document Update PM 11/02/2021 16/02/2021
Project Initiation Document Sign-off Steering group 16/02/2021 21/02/2021
Project Initiation Document Publish PM 21/02/2021 22/02/2021
  • In recent versions of MSP, each task possesses a text field called "SummaryTaskName" which might suit your needs. It's easily accessible in the user interface (desktop) and through vba, but I have no idea how to access it through the POL API.
    – Tom Boyle
    Commented Feb 7, 2021 at 2:26
  • Hi Tom, i was aware of that text field and searched the data returned by the API but thta field was not present. There is a field called "SummaryTaskName" which is effectively the same thing and what i need. Thanks for helping.
    – SuperPM99
    Commented Feb 8, 2021 at 10:49

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The API includes a field called "SummaryTaskName" which provides the "document" field needed in the second table above.


Yes, it is very possible.

So it could be achieved by updating the task platform as the project progresses and the API only shows u these updated wherever the API key / credentials is monitored from...

  • Hi Olivia, not sure that i follow your answer. I have updated my question with tables showing what i want to achieve.
    – SuperPM99
    Commented Feb 5, 2021 at 8:44

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