I am new to Azure Boards and finding it can be very confusing when it comes to scrum sprint ends and planning the next sprint. What should you do with user stories and their tasks that are only partially completed at the end of the sprint? Stories and tasks that were started but not completed within the sprint.

What is the correct way to manage partially done work at the end so that sprint metrics, velocity etc, are correctly accounted for?

I am finding it difficult to find guidance for sprint planning in Azure Boards that explains what to do with these incomplete work items. If you know of guidance that explains this, include links to it.

  • this really seems to be a matter of preference; I have been in projects where teams split the story into smaller stories and put one in each sprint, and I have been in teams where we moved the tasks and stories into the next sprint believing that it would all wash out in the end. Why can't you just pick a method and go with it? – Sam Feb 14 at 20:15

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