We are using Rally in a complex SAFe environment - lots of teams, each working by its own rules, and I'm trying to help the teams converge on some vocabulary and metadata.

Because most people know Excel, we are doing a lot of work via the "CA Agile Central Plug-In for Excel." I can easily export many fields, but have found no way, using this tool, to export "Applications," or "DisplayColor.Name" (In this case, the best I can do may be to accept the hex values dumped into "DisplayColor".)

I have learned that Column names are case-sensitive, "Tags", but not "tags". It's all dot-separated camel-case, e.g., "Feature.Project.Name".

Has anyone figured out how to do this? I have tried requesting columns "Applications," (the label you get from a cvs export from Rally), "Applications.Name", etc. Has anyone ever found documentation on what vocabulary is valid? (I have asked a couple of times on the CA support site for Rally, but never gotten a response.)

In a worst case, I guess I share a view from Rally and people ignore the plug-in and use the Rally export, but that is messier than this and more awkward when people are playing with queries.

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