I am trying to learn Scrum, and these are some question I have:

Who does the Product Backlog refinement activity?

  1. The whole Scrum Team
  2. Only the Product Owner and the Developers

What is the correct answer?

Reading The 2020 Scrum Guide its seems to be: "1. The whole Scrum Team"

Topic Two: What can be Done this Sprint?
Through discussion with the Product Owner, the Developers select items from the Product Backlog to include in the current Sprint. The Scrum Team may refine these items during this process, which increases understanding and confidence.

Regardin the Scrum Glossary its seems to be: "2. Only the Product Owner and the Developers"

Product Backlog refinement: the activity in a Sprint through which the Product Owner and the Developers add granularity to the Product Backlog.

Thank you for your answers.


Both are correct.

The primary people involved are the Product Owner and the Developers. The Product Owner can use the refinement to ensure that the Product Backlog Items are created and clearly communicated, including taking the Developers' input on ordering. The Developers ensure that the Product Backlog Items are sufficiently defined to ensure that they can go into Sprint Planning and create a reasonable plan. The Scrum Master ensures that refinement happens, is effective, and helping to resolve impediments that may come up during or because of refinement.

This is best captured in the Scrum Guide's description of refinement, but it's not made invalid by the Scrum Glossary's definition. The Scrum Glossary doesn't mention the role of the Scrum Master in the refinement activities.

  • The entire Scrum Team consists of a Product Owner, a Scrum Master, and the developers. The Scrum Master's role is process--to ensure that, as Thomas notes, "refinement happens, is effective," and to resolve any impediments that arise. – Ari Davidow Apr 5 at 14:41

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