I have been asked to show planned % complete hence using below formula to on Number field to derive planned % complete based on status date in MS Project.

(IIf([Status Date]>=[Baseline Finish],100,IIf([Status Date]<=[Baseline Start],0,ProjDateDiff([Baseline Start],[Status Date])/ProjDateDiff([Baseline Start],[Baseline Finish])*100)))

This formula don't necessary work on Summary ALL the time. Refer to one of scenario below: Planned % shown in Number field highlighted.

enter image description here

Above example is using formula for summary level tasks. You could see task1, task2 & task3 are delayed/should've 100% by this time. Now see, Overall Planned % is 74 while actual is 88%. So you've some tasks running late yet have % complete is higher. Even if I change Summary level to Roll-up Average, planned % comes close to % complete which would be again not correct.

This is just one of the example. Is there any better way to find planned % complete based on status date in MS Project?

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