Due to the covid-19 pandemic, I and my colleagues work remotely from home. I'm trying to document user stories. Unfortunately, since we work remotely from home, I cannot sit next to my colleagues with some kind "Kanban" black board, and a bunch of "user story" post-it notes. Also, my company will not pay extra for Jira's Kanban features. Is there some kind of poor man's Agile Scrum/kanban/lean/XP internet online software tool?

Or is there some kind of "ad hoc" way of putting "user stories", and the corresponding progression/status of said "user stories" on the internet in order to share it with my colleagues?

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    There are lots of software options, for example: trello.com, miro.com, clickup.com
    – nvogel
    May 7, 2021 at 16:28
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I am assuming that the projects you are working on are small / medium Scrum projects.

Google spreadsheets or Excel Office 365 (to enable online collaboration) could be an alternatives.

You could google search for managing small/medium scrum projects using Google Spreadsheets templates(free) or MS Excel templates to be used with Office 365 for sharing(paid).

Here take look at one example of google spreadsheet template and Excel to start with:


Open source software for Scrum/Kanban

Here are two open source options for software project manangement using Scrum/Kanban.

  1. Tuleap ALM: See the Explore Tuleap Community Edition section for more details.
  2. Taiga on-premise self-managed


  • You need to pay for the hosting provider.
  • You need in-house skills to install, operate and maintain these software.

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