My team is experimenting with using Kanban which they are enjoying and seeing the benefits.

The one sticking point that we are having is the team feels they don't have a clear view or grasp about when a particular feature will be done or when it needs to be done because of the continual stream of tickets in the todo column.

They obviously have PI Objectives and they know we are aiming to meeting them after x number of weeks, but the granularity under that is less clear.

With Scrum they kind of knew that everything in the todo column must be done by end of sprint but with Kanban we don't have this, so the kind of don't have a clear view of the road ahead.

What could we do to solve this?

I was thinking of creating a board that shows epic level status and also have a label on each card on the kanban story jira board that shows deadline (if any).

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    If you are using Kanban, are you monitoring throughput, cycle time and work item aging? With these metrics, you should be able to determine when an arbitrary work item will be complete, based on where it is in the backlog or workflow.
    – Thomas Owens
    Jun 23 '21 at 18:06

Can you group your user stories into Epics? Some tools like Azure Devops have tools that show the progress of an epic based on the amount of US completed.

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