I have worked at a company in the United Kingdom for 4+ years and for the last year have worked under a Product Owner for 3 SaaS products. An opportunity has arisen were I have been offered the Product Owner role for these 3 products and have been asked to put forward a promotional case and salary expectation.


I am unsure of the salaries these kind of roles achieve and would welcome anyone's point of view who may have been in this position before or had experience in this role.

As a starting point a quick review on Glassdoor suggest an average salary of £52,204 a year but the variability in these salaries is very large and I imagine many factors come into play.

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To help provide a little more context I have added a list of caveats below which might help:

  1. I have no background in Product development or SaaS products other than the year I have spent under the current product owner.
  2. I know these products and the particular market really well and have a good understanding of what our clients need.
  3. I have no Product Owner qualifications or certification.
  4. I am educated to masters degree level but in a totally irrelevant subject.
  5. We are a small company of approximately 30 people but looking to expand rapidly.
  6. The 3 SaaS products are not completely independent of each other and one is a fairly mature product.
  • There are a lot of variables that play into this. You can resume everything to how much you want for the work you will be doing, and how much the company is willing to pay you for that work. It also depends on the negotiating power of both parties. You should probably start from what you earn now and add on top of that any amount that would cover new expenses caused by the job switch plus any amount of money that would make the trouble worth it. Then see where you fall compared to that data. Just be aware that you can't just say "I deserve this much because that's what the pretty chart says". – Bogdan Jul 21 at 15:14