I'm aware that MS Project does not allow you to have multiple instances of the application open unlike the rest of MS Office. I know that you can view multiple projects at once by clicking the Arrange All button in Window group of the View Tab

Arrange All

When I click the button, it stacks the project files on top of each other like this:


However, I want the button to arrange them side-by-side, like this:


I can't seem to find a way to do this automatically. I always need to resize and reposition the windows manually. What setting do I need to change to make this happen? I've tried clicking the arrange all button twice, but it does not change the orientation of the windows. I know it's possible because I've seen other MS Project users do it. I'm using MS Project Professional 2016.

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Doing a quick search I see many people have asked this same question but no answers posted. However, it can be done with a simple macro:

Public Sub ArrangeVertically()

    Windows(1).WindowState = pjMaximized
    Windows(2).WindowState = pjMaximized
    Dim w As Double
    w = Windows(2).Width
    Dim h As Double
    h = Windows(2).Height
    Windows(1).Width = w / 2
    Windows(2).Width = w / 2
    Windows(2).Left = w / 2
    Windows(1).Top = 0
    Windows(2).Top = 0
    Windows(1).Height = h
    Windows(2).Height = h
End Sub

Modify the code as desired to handle cases where the window count <> 2.

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    Thanks Rachel. My current theory is that this feature is inherent in MS Project 2019 and above. I downloaded 2019 Professional and it works out of the box now. I will use this script for versions earlier than 2019. Nov 23, 2021 at 20:11

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