I cannot create any sub tasks for a given task/user story in my current Jira version. However, I am struggling to identify whether I am missing any functionality that cannot be achieved by creating an epic and issues assigned to it. Is it a good practice to use sub tasks at all? What would be a good use case?

  • If JIRA lets you, that's fine, but "sub-tasks" aren't logically components of an epic.
    – Todd A. Jacobs
    Aug 15 at 10:57

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Think of Epics as large pieces of functionality, stories as a customer facing breakdown of that epic and subtasks as a technical checklist of things needed to achieve the story.

Have a quick read of this - Stories, epics, and initiatives

Hope that helps.

  • Are subtasks used at all in this kind of projects?
    – Javi Torre
    Aug 11 at 10:11

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