There is a team that can run 2 standard procedures, named "Procedure A" and "Procedure B". "Procedure A" takes 18 days to complete, and there is a specific task written out for each day. "Procedure B" takes 5 days to complete, and there is also a specific task for every day. Say, on Day 1 of "Procedure A" the task is to send the email; on Day 3 the task is to package the product, on Day 4 the task is to drop the product off at the post office.

The job of the team is to run procedures A and B repeatedly, varying just 2 parameters, let's call them "Customer" and "Product".

The manager of the team is in charge of scheduling the runs of procedures A and B. Both procedures are fairly easy, so the manage wants to stagger the runs. So say the manager wants to run the procedure A starting Monday October 22nd for customer Bob and product Shoes, then run the procedure A starting Wednesday October 24th for customer Danny and product Dress, etc.

The main concern of the manager is that the team members might forget which tasks for what projects they have to run on a given day. To resolve it, the manager uses a project management software, where he can assign tasks. Since both Procedure A and Procedure B are standardized, the manager created templates for them in the project management software. When he wants to schedule a run of Procedure A, he just creates a "Project", using a template for the Procedure A, and this project automatically creates the tasks for every single day of the process.

Now, here comes the problem: when a project is created from a template for Procedure A, the manager has to select every single task and manually set the values for "Customer" and "Product" fields. This is tedious and sometimes the manager makes mistakes. Instead, he would like to set the values for "Customer" and "Product" just once when creating the instance of "Procedure A" project, and have these values automatically propagated to the daughter tasks.

Do you know of a piece of software that allows such automation? I've tried Asana and Monday, they both support project templates, but neither of them allows you to set the value of a custom field once when creating a project and then propagate it down to all the tasks. There also seems to be a way to do it in Airtables by Automation Scripts, but it's not ideal cause Airtable doesn't have such a nice setup for working with tasks. Could you recommend a better way to implement this?

  • I value your question, but the introduction is too long. It would be really great if you could edit and summarize your question a little bit. Thnx. Oct 23, 2022 at 8:54


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