Not sure if this is a proper community to post this question, if not, please recommend me one.

I had a name in my mind (let's call it <the_name_i_like>) for my website and company, so I registered a domain name as:


In search results for the_name_i_like, I have found 3-4 domain names having it as a part, and with a different <actual_service>. For example:
etc. (all US-based, by the way)

The domain <the_name_i_like>.com has been taken already, although there's no website under it, the browser just keeps rotating if I try to load it.

My question is, shall I keep using <the_name_i_like><actual_service>.com or is it better to register another name?

What about registering a company with a different name <another_name_that_i_like> and creating a website under <the_name_i_like><actual_service>.com as one of services that my company provides?

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I am not sure about how it goes from a legal standpoint.

But from a business standpoint, why would you want your customers to confuse you with other businesses? How many established famous businesses do you know, which share a name?

Ultimately (or primarily?) the name of the business is the beginning of your differentiation on the market. If you cannot differentiate your name properly, then you probably end up becoming some kind of Mike or Adibas or even SUMSANG.

If you are unlucky, you might find yourself in a kind of Mike Rowe Soft situation - with the difference that you are probably not a 12-year old, leading in return to a much mode unpleasant outcome.

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