I have a project that is working fine. Anyway i want to show a column with the sum of a particular ressource. Let me explain with example. i have a tasks that uses distances. i insert for each task a certain amount of distance. ex Mission 1 task 1 100km, task 2 120 km, task 3 50km

Mission 2 task 1 60km task 2 70km

i need to show in a column the amount of km of each task and in the parents (mission 1 and mission 2) the sum of its children task.

thank you in advance for any help

  • Distances are stored in a number column like Number1 and you want the parent task to show the sum of the distances? Feb 28 at 16:58
  • Distances are stored in Ressources.
    – Tax Raoul
    Feb 28 at 17:24
  • the ressource is named Fuel (price/km) and cost is 1 dollar/km. When i add a task, i assign the ressource Fuel in it with the number of kms.
    – Tax Raoul
    Feb 28 at 17:26
  • Add the Cost field to the Gantt chart. If you have a task with 100 units of the fuel resource assigned and the fuel resource costs $1, the Cost field will show $100. The summary task (Mission) will show the aggregated costs for all subtasks. Feb 28 at 22:38


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