We are just a team of software developers, not company or another legal entity. Although we are actively developing our product, it's still not ready for demonstration. However, we are a little far away from the problem domain and we would like to gather feedback from real companies who are our potential clients, to align our product vision with client's problem vision.

We found a company who is ready to look at our product/idea and give us feedback. Because we don't have a real product yet, we have decided making a video presentation with questions at the end. However, we have a zero experience in this type of activity.

How can we gather feedback about a product that isn't ready to demonstrate yet?

  • Does anyone on the team have a relationship with anyone who would be a prospective customer? Ultimately, it comes down to being able to show someone something and validate it. If you know someone (or, ideally, multiple people), then you can cut out a few steps.
    – Thomas Owens
    Commented May 19 at 22:35
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  • @ThomasOwens, nope, unfortunately, that's the problem. Commented May 22 at 8:58

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Define a "Minimum Viable Product" for Validated Learning

If you're looking for a methodology, you're probably looking for a way to present a minimum viable product (MVP) to your investors or potential clients. The exercise isn't about what you present, it's about why you're presenting it.

You can't actually sell something you don't have. The goal of an MVP, on the other hand, is to gather feedback about a concept, approach, or potential market fit for an idea by doing the minimum necessary to gather that feedback. This may include wire-frames, mock-ups, pitch decks, or narratives as needed.

Market analysis is largely outside the scope of project management, and individualized advice on how to do this in the abstract is too subjective to make for a good PMSE question. However, there are certainly many books on the subject of market analysis, MVPs, and various lean startup approaches that could help. Such books should provide plenty of resources to consider as you define the approach that's best for you.

  • Thank you for the answer! "Lean startup" book sounds like a good point to start. Commented May 22 at 8:57

you can effectively present your non-existent product concept to potential clients and gather valuable feedback that can guide your product development process and increase your chances of success when you eventually bring it to market.

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