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What time tracking / time management software do you use?

Do you know/use any 'activity report' software? I mean an application, where employees sign in, and report how many hours they worked every day in a month (possibly also a description of what exactly have they done, or a list of tasks completed)?


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We use Jira from Attlasian. You can assign work hour estimates per task. Developers can burndown the hours for a task, an you can see which task took longer as planned. So this is a: "Jack worked 4 hours in Issue TEST-13, TEST-13 now has 5 hours remaing estimate" kind of report.

There is also the "activies" view, wich is more like a blog roll of everything that happened in the project. So more of a. "Jack stopped working on TEST-13. Jack closed TEST-12 with a comment 'works for me'" mind of report.

In our Team, we don't use the hour estimates, but whenever I was away for a day I allways look at the "activities"to see what has been going on. This is no replacement for talking to the team of course, but it helps me framing some questions.


I used redmine: https://pm.stackexchange.com/a/4208/468


Anuko Time Tracker - fast, easy, usable

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