Do you know of any tool (or plugin for such tool) with following features:

  • Manage Requirements (like Redmine, DOORS, Borland Caliber and many more...)
  • Link Requirements with parts of a PDF or HTML file (not linking the file itself, but linking stuff within the file)

Examples for the files

  • Diagrams like an overview for customer (PDF)
  • Wireframes of the UI (PDF)
  • Webpages of the web application at certain stages of development (for customer reviews at milestone meetings) (HTML)

I have seen in DOORS the ability to link methods in C++ code with Requirements. They're saying, that enables high traceability. So, maybe there is something similar for a more "visual linking".

I am also fine with experimental/scientific tools or just clues where to research harder.

Update So far I found BugHerd, which is a webservice that offers flagging parts of HTML pages. BugHerd flags can be synced with redmine via a plugin. I haven't tried it yet.

Update 2 BugHerd alternatives. However, the tools discussed there are more focused on tracking bugs with a nice on webpage screenshot editor.

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    This is only part of your question, but there is a StackOverflow question related to the technical details of linking to part of a PDF file: stackoverflow.com/questions/2328653
    – SBWorks
    Commented Apr 19, 2012 at 2:35
  • Have a look at Visual Paradigm - it's a UML Modeling tool with in built support for requirements handling and "visual" connectivity you seek - that can be exported as Word/PDF etc. :)
    – PhD
    Commented Apr 28, 2012 at 19:06

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Any requirements management system - professional or adhoc - should be able to link to specific HTML pages using anchors and do the same for PDF files hosted via web server. E.g., Page 3 Requirement

Hope that helps

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