Other than Microsoft Project what are some of the other programs out there that are great for making gantt charts, the best I could find is GanttProject.

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GanttProject is indeed an option. Apart from that you could test drive OpenProj and Open Workbench (the latter acquired by CA). These are more or less sound options from the "free stable". Personally, I'm usually drawn towards OpenProj.

There are quite a few paid options, the most popular being MS Project (mentioned already) and Primavera (popular in the construction industry especially). If you're into mind mapping and don't need much sophistication, you could also consider Mindjet's MindManager which is becoming more and more useful for PMs (Gantt charts too).


Edraw Max is one option that you can look into. It is helpful for not only Gantt Charts but also allows a range of custom diagrams to be made. Basically this comes in helpful in creating clear and distinct diagrams.

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