I often get task with the same similar like screenshot below, does MS Project has any feature help me to do it quicker and smarter than
(1) copy & paste "Module A" task (2) rename it to "module B" (3) outdent the "Module B" task?
enter image description here


Unfortunately, MS Project (as of 2007) doesn't provide any flexible way to do this. There are a few options, but based on your description/example, I don't think these would work.

  • Recurring tasks: You can define a recurring task (menu: Insert | Recurring Task...), though you can't nest recurring tasks (as in your example, above).
  • Shared tasks: if the 4 tasks you list in your example are the same task with the same dates and dependencies, you could create a single group and link to that single group from/to numerous predecessors/successors.
  • Script it: Creating new tasks in a project file is trivial using VBA. Depending on how often and complex the tasks hierarchy is, you could put in a for loop and call ActiveProject.Tasks.Add taskname.

Note: This is based on 2007. If 2010 has additional functionality in this area, I would like to hear about it.


If you roll-up your Module A tasks before you copy & paste you can avoid the need to outdent (the new Module B will be at the same level as Module A).

I don't think you can get around having to rename. It is probably also good practice to rename all of the subtasks in order to avoid possible later confusion.

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