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Please provide organisations that provide on-line trainings, resources, books etc related to project management. Please also write if the access is free, and if not- how much it costs.

Free resources


Quality Management

Free but limited access

Paid access resources

Commercial training offerrings

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  • This is a given, Project Management Institue. They have some free resources, but for the most part you need to pay their membership. The membership goes for about $100/year
  • The PMI Chapter near your own city

I will continue adding later.


Free PM resources that I have used:

  1. Defense Acquisition University - free, but probably only useful to people doing work for the US DoD, but it has a wealth of PM information for those who can get in. You'll need a CAC.
  2. Control Chaos - the Scrum home page. Free.
  3. Extreme Programming: A Gentle Introduction. The XP Home page. Free.
  4. iSixSigma Top Rated Articles
  5. American Management Association - has lots of free and non-free resources. Haven't used it a ton, but unlike many sites, they don't hide their free resources behind a lot of clutter. The site is well organized and it's easy to find things.

Free and non-Free Resources I have not used, or used only very occasionally:

  1. http://www.pmcentersusa.com/ - mostly non-free
  2. Agile Coaching Resources
  3. http://www.itmpi.org/webinars/ - free

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