I'm hoping someone has some experience on tools and/or better keywords to describe this problem:

  1. I have JIRA system for developers where they provide estimates and track time completed. The estimate could be captured in a higher level tool, but the time track (effort applied) should not require double-entry and instead pull from JIRA.

  2. There are multiple projects (up to 6 active over a pool of 20 projects) that all have pending work for the limited availability of developers (8 developers).

  3. We might have to handle about 80 tasks a week we want to sort, prioritise, and schedule (an average task takes 2 to 4 hours to finish, we have 8 developers, so in the worst case - 4 hours per task - we have 80 tasks = (40 hrs / 4 hrs) * 8 developers).

Is it possible to manage the resources with deadline/timelines and start dates so the developers know what they should be working on across all projects?

Is there a tool that can be used with JIRA (or a plugin) that developers can update their progress (date, priority, etc.) with low effort?

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  • Some keywords/features needed to solve this problem seem to be: Critical Path, Resource Leveling or Auto-Scheduling (with Finish-to-Start, Start-to-Start, Start-to-Finish and Finish-to-Finish versions). Any I missed?
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I would consider using the free add-on by Soyatec. It produces Gantt charts that look similar to those from Microsoft Project. It allows you to set end dates and % done.

I haven't used it, however. You can find other alternatives at Atlassian's marketplace, such as BigPicture.

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    This add-on does not appear to be free (any more?)
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depending on what JIRA you use (server and cloud) there are a number of plugins available: Gannt plugins


There is a popular plugin for this purpose called Gantt-Chart for Jira. It give you a Gantt view of your issues.


Disclaimer: we highly discourage tool-specific questions in PMSE, as they're likely to not add much value 5 years from now.

Have you looked at Jira Structure? I'm leading a team with a similar structure and now that we (thankfully) moved into Jira, Structure is helping us a lot to prioritize and keep track of the progress in our tasks. Although it's not a proper Gantt Chart, it may fit your needs as well.

A short video explaining the idea can be found HERE.

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