I have work experience as a Analyst & Senior Analyst roles totalling 4 years and now in UK into IT recruitment and placements.. where we are going to deal with govt. projects shortly. Would it help me in my career if I do PMP certification. Please help.

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    – Todd A. Jacobs
    Sep 25 '18 at 15:02

If you are in the UK and are going to be dealing with government projects you are probably better going with PRINCE2. This has several advantages for you:

  • It is the standard for UK government. They developed the method and still own it (though there have been some developments in this regard). It is also apparently heavily used in the private sector in the UK and EU, but I don't have good independent data on hand to support this.
  • It may be of more use to non-project managers. The method discusses at length the roles of non-project managers in the context of a project. If your role would be as a leader or member of a team delivering one or more of the project's products you would probably get more value from PRINCE2 training than you would from PMP training.
  • It is easier to get. There are no educational pre-requisites nor documentation of past project experience required.
  • Training is straight-forward. At least in the UK there are a large number of vendors, both for online and in-person training. In-person training usually takes three days for the initial Foundation exam and an additional two days for the subsequent Practitioner exam
  • Any pointers for good training institutes and cost effective ones in London please.
    – Mary
    May 14 '13 at 16:56
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  • @Mary, the training should be more variation in quality between individual trainers than between institutes since the training is standardized. I went with Advantage Learning, they are based in Glasgow but run training sessions in London (it appears quarterly). Online training is also provided (I am in North America so had to go that route). You can get schedule, pricing etc at advantagelearning.co.uk.
    – Doug B
    May 15 '13 at 12:06

No. While recruiting and Placement can be projects, you don't need to be a PMP to do them and people you will work with won't need/expect it. Since your main focus isn't Project Management, you might just wish to take an introduction to Project Management class, but not go all the way to PMP (or PRINCE2).

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