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Should we re-estime (reduce) story points of a task that we started but didn't finish last sprint? [duplicate]

I need an advice and it's about the best option to choose in an agile project, here is the situation : A sprint backlog contains between 15 and 20 user stories A the last day of the sprint, we ...
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How to treat users stories which were almost completed at the previous sprint? [duplicate]

How to treat users stories which were almost completed at previous sprint but didn't meet Definition of Done due to testers were late for some reason. Suppose one of those stories was 5 story points, ...
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Agile/scrum - tracking time spent in current iteration towards stories from the next iteration if all current stories are done

Our team has been slowly trying to go towards agile, and like many other teams, up to this point, the question of "what do we do when we actually finish all commitments?" is fairly new and foreign to ...
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Stories in test at end of sprint

We are a small team (3 devs and 2 testers) and we have successfully used Scrum for 6 months, despite being a really small team for this methodology. I am a rookie as a Scrum Master. Now, we have ...
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How to handle tasks from previous Sprint on current Sprint Burn down chart

Let's say a project has 2 or more Sprints and for each sprint you are using a burn down chart to track the Sprint progress. If at the end of the first Sprint there are tasks that have been started but ...
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Is a good Scrum practice to meassure the developer team by the story points completed at the end of the sprint?

We have new teams working on scrum and they estimates all the points of a several ammount of stories. But, at the beggining, they have no reference of how ammount of points could be delivered in two-...
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How to move tickets to next sprint in Jira to have correct time counting?

Suppose we have a ticket with estimation of 4 units and this ticket was half done in one sprint and half done in next one. Should we do re-estimation and when? Don't re-estimate. Change estimation ...
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Capture burned (story) points for a partially complete task moved to next sprint

If a sprint starts and a story has an estimation of e.g. 8 and at the end of the sprint the story for some reason has not completed, if I move it to the next sprint with the story points updated e.g. ...
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reestimating story size after moving back to product backlog

Let's assume that part of the story (worth say 8 points) was done in the sprint 1. Then, after implementing part of it we are discovering that in fact it is much bigger than originally estimated. ...
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Should User Stories be divided if they're not Done and the Sprint is almost over?

I have a user story for a login screen. It is in the active sprint. Part of it (andriod platform) cannot be done any time soon. The Sprint is almost over. What can I do? Should I divide the user ...
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Is splitting user stories into versions a valid approach?

My questions is about splitting a story into versions. For example, we might have a story to allow a user to upload a file to a server. The first iteration of the story is usable by the customer but ...
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