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Is it a good idea to show a 'story points by developer' graph at retrospectives?

I am part of an agile team in a large organisation. At our fortnightly retrospective a graph is shown of how many story points each developer has completed over the course of the fortnight. We are not ...
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Is velocity a valid measure of team and process improvement?

I've asked this question to few scrum masters: "How do you tell, that your team is improving? How do you tell that actions taken during retrospective result in real improvement in efficiency/...
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Is a good Scrum practice to meassure the developer team by the story points completed at the end of the sprint?

We have new teams working on scrum and they estimates all the points of a several ammount of stories. But, at the beggining, they have no reference of how ammount of points could be delivered in two-...
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What should a scrum master do if his manager insists on managing the team?

In an organisation they decided to hire a full time scrum master to help them transition to scrum. Most of the developers onshore and offshore were new to the company's huge system, and new to scrum. ...
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Capture burned (story) points for a partially complete task moved to next sprint

If a sprint starts and a story has an estimation of e.g. 8 and at the end of the sprint the story for some reason has not completed, if I move it to the next sprint with the story points updated e.g. ...
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Measuring performance in kanban

Let's assume I decide to manage a certain project using Kanban. This happens to be a customer service kind of project where the dev team delivers continuous improvement so Kanban is definitely well ...
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Slowing down of an agile team as the development progresses

Let's consider an agile software project. In the beginning of a project each Story can be implemented quite quickly because the code base is small, there're few dependecies between different parts ...
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pivotal tracker chore: At what rate velocity should increase

The definition of velocity is “Just like a speedometer that measures how fast you’re hurtling through space, Tracker’s velocity is a measurement of how fast your team completes stories. Instead of ...
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How do you increase velocity in scrum [closed]

Scrum uses velocity as a metric. How do we increase velocity in scrum
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Team Velocity and Increasing Capacity

I've seen other questions on here about the fact that we shouldn't push for Team Velocity/Capacity to increase. That being said, we have a mandate from Leadership to try and make that happen. We ...
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