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Is it sound project management practice to make software engineers fix bugs "off the clock"?

I work in a largish, multi-team software development shop that builds a vertical B2B solution suite for a highly regulated domain. We are trying to become more Agile; we are iterating better than we ...
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Stories in test at end of sprint

We are a small team (3 devs and 2 testers) and we have successfully used Scrum for 6 months, despite being a really small team for this methodology. I am a rookie as a Scrum Master. Now, we have ...
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How to differentiate old bugs from new bugs during a sprint?

In a sprint where we fix old bugs as well build new features, we will encounter 3 types of "bugs" in in a scrum board: Bugs introduced by current stories Bugs newly discovered during sprint but are ...
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To Create a Bug in ongoing Feature development in a sprint

We recently started implementing Agile in my current organisation We came across this interesting use-case. I would like to understand what the group thinks of it and whether we are headed in the ...
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Creating defect stories and inserting them immediately

When we have a story which can pass but produces a defect to be fixed, the PO or BA involved will usually write a new story and immediately insert it into the sprint on the basis that it is important ...
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When making technically minor changes, should i create a new user story or update an existing (closed) story?

I am working with a team that is maintaining case management software. We are suffering from drift between different specifications, agile artefacts, implementations and understandings. I would like ...
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Workflows of rejecting tickets due to incomplete/wrong implementation

I work as a product manager in a start-up. We try to be lean but we have Jira as a tracker (I said we 'try'). I worked in around 10 different teams so far and the development workflow was usually ...
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What to do when running into a potential rabbit hole in a story?

Say I have a team member who is working on a story. While working on that story, s/he runs into an issue that could or could not be crucial to the completion of that original story. Should the team ...
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In Scrum, should we be billed for defects and unplanned activities?

My company is the client. An offshore company is developing our product. We pay them on a monthly basis. They send us an invoice with a fixed rate per full time resource. They also send us a ...
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How to account for new work items while implementing a story without affecting the sprint scope?

During a sprint in scrum, the scope of the sprint should not change. However, I often find that after the sprint starts and I begin working on a story, I discover new stories that must be done. For ...
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Agile Estimation - How to estimate for bugs? [closed]

The story points can be used for estimate user stories and tasks will be marked in hours in Visual Studios. When there is a critical bug (which is not in the backlog, reported by users) we ...
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