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Sprint Goal and Failure of a Sprint

My organisation is pushing for strictness on what they consider a Sprint Failure or not. They have decided that if there are any User Stories not fully completed (as per the DoD) at the end of the ...
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What to do when capacity is reduced in the middle of the Sprint? (e.g. Sick Leave)

A developer had to take unplanned days off in the middle of the Sprint, causing an impact of less hours in the original capacity. It is possible to measure this in hours (e.g. 2 days = 16 hours). So, ...
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Dynamic length of sprints in Scrum

I have been working several projects with Scrum method and, in some, we have taken the decision of execute Scrum sprints of dynamic length (every sprint). For me it have some advantages: Adapt the ...
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Why must we define a Sprint Goal for each Sprint?

As a Scrum Team, we are committed to deliver Product Backlog items per the Product Owner's priority. The team doesn't understand why we should define Sprint Goals. How does that help?
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What to do when mid-sprint, you realize some stories won't be done?

On the seventh day of a two weeks Sprint, we realize that 20 percent of the stories cannot be completed. What is the best action to take? Is it possible/recommended to cancel the iteration on start ...
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What are the right conclusions to draw from the success or failure of a Sprint?

I recently encountered the opinion that, if a Sprint is successful due to statistical reasons (e.g. the team made big mistakes during planning but the team delivered its stories anyway), then that's ...
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Business days calculation for the sprint

Our team is new to agile. We are in the phase of defining the rules for sprint planning. To start, we are keeping our Sprints at 2 weeks (10 business days). Let's say there is a public holiday in a ...
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Extend Sprints or take the renaming tasks to a new Sprint?

I am a rookie PM. We are conducting a Sprint with selected tasks from the backlog, when suddenly critical bugs appear. Should we extend the Sprint, or finish the Sprint on the delivery date and move ...
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Who should attend Sprint Replanning?

It is clear that in Sprint Planning the Product Owner has to be present. However, since the Development Team is responsible for current sprint work, does the PO need to attend Replanning? Although the ...
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When/why would a Sprint ever need to be extended?

I noticed this: In the real world, people do change the end-date for Sprints. In this Answer. But I've never experienced a need for that, myself. Or maybe I have, didn't recognize it, and missed ...
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