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Is Planning Poker Bad for Software Development Teams?

We have a project manager that is adamant about planning poker. I have found that this adds stress to everyone on the team, and the times are always wrong. We have different skill levels on the team ...
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How should a team handle disagreements about story-point estimates in Scrum?

During estimation, the Product Owner presents a user story that seems clear to a team that usually knows their strengths and weaknesses, and that is not hostile. What should the Scrum Master do if the ...
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Definition of a Story Point [closed]

As far as I'm aware there's no definition of Story Points and how to compare them. Each person in a team may have his personal understanding of the correlation between an effort and Story Points. Isn'...
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Why are Story Points of a story not equivalent to days/hours in estimation. In Scrum [Agile]

I'm currently working in a team with new to agile methodology programmers and few old school peeps. They seem to always, in planning meetings give hours/day estimates for a story. It really pisses me ...
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Why not use costs instead of story points for estimation?

I propose the following scheme for estimating user stories in a scrum process: A good programmer might cost 80000$ a year, so per hour this is 80000$/52 weeks/40 hours per week = 40$ per hour. In a ...
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How to schedule back and front-end developers based on story points?

We are used to create multiple sub-tasks for each user story and provide each sub-task with an estimate in hours and assignee (back or front-end). With the following outcome: Total estimated time ...
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Method for scoring backlog items in Jira based on impact to company goals versus level of effort

My development team uses Jira Cloud, and I'm looking for some way within Jira to prioritize the backlog items (mainly "new features" and "stories"). I'd like to do this by manually assigning scores to ...
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Scrum - Is a good practice to set the remaining work of a Sub-task?

I am working with TFS and I set the story points for all the user stories using the Fibonacci series and set the velocity of the team. TFS has a field called ´Remaining work´ for the sub-task, it is a ...
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Separating tracking and estimation with Agile Scrum and workflow

I'm trying to figure out how JIRA can help track an Agile Scrum project we are running, in particular I want to be able to create burn down charts. I created a few stories and tasks, and noticed that ...
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Story point on team with separate technologies

Currently we do like this: we estimate backlog in hours on sprint planning we fill backlog by assign tasks to persons as each one has different technology background and we need to know how much of ...
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