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How do you schedule delivery dates in Scrum?

I've run into a constant issue. When a project starts, the client typically has a list of functionalities to be built in to the application. As a team we would like to follow Scrum. But the next thing ...
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Why does Pivotal Tracker discourage estimating points for bugs and chores?

Pivotal Tracker "strongly discourages" estimating velocity points for bugs and chores – you have to change a setting and accept a warning to be able to do it. They explain why here, but I just don't ...
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In scrum should incomplete stories be re-estimated or does the original estimate get burned down when it's finally completed?

If I have a story that's been estimated at 10 story points and we don't manage to complete it in a sprint how do you handle estimates for the sprint in which it's next included (assuming it gets ...
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Should velocity increase with time?

Some scrum masters are concerned with "bumping up" a team's velocity during a sprint, as if a higher velocity is better. But points are a relative measure of the work that a team needs to do for ...
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What is a productive, efficient Scrum team?

How does a Scrum Master, a Product Owner know whether a Scrum Team gives much or little usefulness to a customer? In other words, what is a productive, efficient Scrum team?
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When can a project's wrong estimates be justified?

This question is not about project estimation techniques, initial processes, etc. Assume everything was done correctly. Recently, we gave an estimation for an Android application with development ...
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What are "Consumed Story Points" in Trello?

Some Scrum add-ons allow you to enter both estimated story points and consumed story points. What are consumed story points and how do you measure/estimate them?
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Why is it important to only have PBIs completable in a single Sprint?

In Scrum it is emphasized that the Sprint Goal is achieved and that the developers determine which work can be completed in the Sprint. I often get the following question: Why can't we start a story ...
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If we can’t finish all tasks, does this mean we are doing Scrum wrong?

I'm working in an online mobile game development team, and we've been doing Scrum for several sprints. There are various reasons, but we seem never able to finish all items selected for an sprint. ...
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In Scrum, what should we do with partly-completed work started at the end of a Sprint?

I get most of Scrum. However, I can't get my head around what to do with work in progress at the end of a Sprint. If we are working in a swarm, we can defer the end of a Sprint, or bring it forward ...
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Stories in test at end of sprint

We are a small team (3 devs and 2 testers) and we have successfully used Scrum for 6 months, despite being a really small team for this methodology. I am a rookie as a Scrum Master. Now, we have ...
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What can we do with a "mispointed" story in Scrum?

Is it OK to repoint the story at the beginning of the new sprint to reflect the size that we have now discovered it to be so our velocity is more accurate? On rare occasions, our team will work a ...
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How to Calculate Effort Variance in Scrum

My team currently works in 3 week sprints and we are capturing Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for each sprint. One of the KPIs is Effort Variance (EV) per sprint My question is at the end of the ...
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How can I effectively differentiate the Sprint Goal from the Sprint Backlog?

I'm facing a situation where I have to explain with an example the difference between a Sprint Goal and a Sprint Backlog. Here's how I understand it: The Sprint Goal is an objective that needs to be ...
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How to estimate without relying on SMEs to estimate based on similar projects?

I create MS Project schedules for the government and recently moved to a new position on a staff where I am being asked to develop and control schedules for tasks that are rather vague, i.e. create a ...
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