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How do you schedule delivery dates in Scrum?

I've run into a constant issue. When a project starts, the client typically has a list of functionalities to be built in to the application. As a team we would like to follow Scrum. But the next thing ...
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Why does Pivotal Tracker discourage estimating points for bugs and chores?

Pivotal Tracker "strongly discourages" estimating velocity points for bugs and chores – you have to change a setting and accept a warning to be able to do it. They explain why here, but I just don't ...
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In Scrum, how to estimate research stories?

In our Scrum team, when there is uncertainty about a story or the team is not sure about how to implement it, we take up a research story first. Based on the findings of this research story, we are ...
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What to do with work not on the board?

TL;DR: At some point, someone on the team will have work which can justifiably not go on the board. How is this handled in a sprint team when it is a long running thing? Our team's technical leader ...
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How should we plan work on support issues without a "battery"?

We are working on a very old project with a lot of legacy code. This means that we have around 3-5 unplanned issues every Sprint. We were handling that with "batteries": time set aside for ...
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If we can’t finish all tasks, does this mean we are doing Scrum wrong?

I'm working in an online mobile game development team, and we've been doing Scrum for several sprints. There are various reasons, but we seem never able to finish all items selected for an sprint. ...
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How can we prevent business value from being dependent on multiple user stories in Scrum?

Our dev team keeps finding ourselves in a scenario where we have multiple stories, none of which actually provide usable value by themselves. In order to deliver any real world value, we need to ...
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Why must we define a Sprint Goal for each Sprint?

As a Scrum Team, we are committed to deliver Product Backlog items per the Product Owner's priority. The team doesn't understand why we should define Sprint Goals. How does that help?
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Release as task for Sprint

My question is simple. We are hesitating whether we shall include Product Release as a task in our sprint board.'s user avatar
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How can I effectively differentiate the Sprint Goal from the Sprint Backlog?

I'm facing a situation where I have to explain with an example the difference between a Sprint Goal and a Sprint Backlog. Here's how I understand it: The Sprint Goal is an objective that needs to be ...
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