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How to timebox Spikes using story points?

My original question was raised here: In Scrum, how to estimate research stories? and as suggested by @CodeGnome I created a separate question. In my opinion Spikes should be time-boxed as there is ...
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How can you estimate a spike story?

We are working on a technology of which the team is not sure how would it go. I would like to estimate and timebox this story. However, the scrum team has to have goal or a shippable product at the ...
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What framework or methodology would you recommend for a Data Science team?

I am a Scrum Master for a team of mostly Data Scientists and some Software Engineers and a Product Owner. Our organisation has decided that all teams work in 2 week sprints using Scrum. I personally ...
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What should we do when we split an Epic and we still get XXXL user stories from it?

We know by books that: User stories should be Valuable, estimable, independend and so on... We are newbies on all this SCRUM stuff, and we have arrive to the following feature / epic / backlog item:...
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How can I manage both user stories and other non-backlog tasks if using VersionOne?

We are taking our first steps in agile and Scrum. We use VersionOne for managing our user stories and tasks. As the development manager, I am trying to build a sprint plan for the development team. ...
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How to plan 2 week sprints, when each story completed will generate multiple stories

I would like to know if anyone is in a similar situation working as part of a SCRUM team - The majority of our team are R&D staff, or academic research staff. We work in what might be called "...
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Does spike failure cause sprint failure in Scrum?

I’ve read few articles about spikes in Scrum. In general there are recommendations to estimate spikes with story points and define acceptance criteria, pretty much as normal user stories. What is not ...
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How should we capture "non-implementation" work?

Currently we don't capture non-implementation stories and treat any research, analysis, release, and support work as team overhead. This makes it very difficult to predict team velocity. What is the ...
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Agile in Data Science - how can I do it best

I work in a data science team and we're starting along the path of agile development. We will be working in 2 week sprint cycles. Once we have a clear view of what we are doing, it looks good - we can ...
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Meaningful metric to track and forecast research

Is there a theory and/or study backed way to measure/track and forecast research activities? As it seems clear that R&D must be treated differently than production work for example, I could not ...
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