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Six Sigma is a set of tools and strategies for process improvement. If your question is about how to apply these strategies to a problem you're facing, you should use this tag.

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Why use constants to calculate control limits

I am refreshing some knowledge on 6s and currently go through the calculations for upper and lower control limits for quality control charts. when i for example look at the xbar-Rm chart and I want to ...
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Can we implement six sigma on exponential distribution?

As per my knowledge, if we can find the Defects-Per-Million-Opportunities from a Normal Distribution, then we can find the sigma level. But if we have exponential distribution, how can we find the ...
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DPO without multiplying by number of units?

In a book, Six Sigma for Dummies, the authors define DPO as number of defects per number of opportunities but they do not multiply that by number of units. So basically they say that if you have ...
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Manufacturing Process Validation - Sample size calculation

I am new to manufacturing process. Can someone help me to determine the sample size required to perform Manufacturing Process Validation? I know nothing about six sigma, so simple answers are highly ...
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Can Lean Six Sigma be implemented in a Service-Oriented Company?

In the past I've studied about implementing Lean Six Sigma methodologies, but the literature and the use cases were related to product-oriented environment. Can Lean Six Sigma methodologies be ...
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Prince2 course in 3 days? [closed]

I've been looking to get myself certified for Prince2. I already have a PMP, but was wondering if I should do Six Sigma or Prince2. A friend of mine recommended this company called "Firebrand Training"...
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Cheap way to bring in Six Sigma?

I've encountered 6-Sigma before at larger companies I've worked at/with. They always seem to go the route of bringing in an expensive consultant and a fair amount of time spent on establishing a ...
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