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Questions tagged [agile]

Use this tag for any questions that involve agile approaches from the perspective of a project manager, Scrum Master, agile coach, or similar role. Please note that "Agile" is not a framework or methodology, and this tag should NOT be used for questions about agile frameworks when a more suitable tag exists.

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Where does development process improvement fall into the product development lifecycle?

For most of my career as a software developer, I have been a part of Agile teams using Scrum, Lean Startup, or Kanban. The Product team usually has goals for keeping the product running, improving the ...
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QuantAgile (a.k.a. Quantitative Agile) Ussage

Liam here (Engineering Manager & Research Enthusiast)! I've been neck-deep in exploring QuantAgile lately, this newish framework that seems to blend Taylor's Scientific Management efficiency with ...
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Can Gherkin style acceptance criteria be used as implementation detail for developers?

I'm talking about using Cucumber's Gherkin style syntax such as GIVEN ... WHEN ... THEN. I read a post and really liked the idea. However, the author doesn't expand on how he uses the "Living ...
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How to track a new employee's activities in scrum template on TFS?

From this question: How to factor in story points/tasks for non sprint related items? I gather you would reduce the capacity to a new employee to probably 0 for a while untile they are up to speed ...
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