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Use this tag for any questions that involve agile approaches from the perspective of a project manager, Scrum Master, agile coach, or similar role.

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Is the Crystal methodology still practised anywhere?

The Crystal methodology is fairly often included in lists of Agile methodologies and it is easy to find articles from recent years giving an overview of it and comparing it to other Agile ...
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Where does development process improvement fall into the product development lifecycle?

For most of my career as a software developer, I have been a part of Agile teams using Scrum, Lean Startup, or Kanban. The Product team usually has goals for keeping the product running, improving the ...
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Can Gherkin style acceptance criteria be used as implementation detail for developers?

I'm talking about using Cucumber's Gherkin style syntax such as GIVEN ... WHEN ... THEN. I read a post and really liked the idea. However, the author doesn't expand on how he uses the "Living ...
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How to track a new employee's activities in scrum template on TFS?

From this question: How to factor in story points/tasks for non sprint related items? I gather you would reduce the capacity to a new employee to probably 0 for a while untile they are up to speed ...
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