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Asana is a cloud based project management tool.

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Using Asana Boards in Kanban mode

Our (software development) team is using Asana and has broken down requirements, which were entered into the list view of Asana. We have sections representing epics, and tasks below them representing ...
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Asana and requirements management

I am looking for a way to include requirements management in Asana. Right now we have a very powerful integration with Instagantt, where projects and their scheduled tasks are in sync with Asana's ...
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How to sync Team Foundation Server with Asana, in order to use Asana features on top of TFS

The conversation feature in TFS is very basic. If you see it in Asana, it's very user friendly. How can one achieve same, without switching from TFS ?
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In Asana is there a way to associate completed tasks with a release version?

I'm working mostly in Asana right now, and am hoping to find a way to associate completed tasks with a versioned cut of product (software in this case). Am I supposed to hack my workflow by creating ...
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