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For questions about the authority of project’s participants.

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How can I resolve conflict with a seasoned developer?

I am quite new to project management, with less than two years of experience. I am assigned to the a project. A seasoned developer is challenging my authority and expertise this way: I've been ...
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Project authority level

There are 2 major systems operated in an organization (an ERP and another major operational application) which are handled by 2 project managers. Data flows from the operational application to ERP. A ...
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5 answers

How do I tell resources that I need them to do something I could technically do myself?

I have a technical background in software development and spent some time as a lead for a small team. Last year, I officially became a project manager in a much larger team whose work I am much less ...
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Authority distribution at double subordination in matrix organization

How authority should be distributed between functional management and project management? If clear definition of it is not exist, what steps should project manager do to have a higher priority among ...
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How much independence should project managers have?

As each software project has its team who work on it, this team is considered somehow a "separate body" within the company. Team members have their assignments, their vision and expectations from the ...
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Organizing teams without authority support

As part of an academic course we have to develop a project. It is a group of 5 students. In such environment there is no hierarchy, all students have the same authority. There are several tasks to be ...
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