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Azure-Boards is the Project Management tool in Microsoft Azure Devops (the new name for tfs)

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Automatic hierarchy relationship between custom Work Item Types in Azure DevOps backlogs

When creating custom work item types for an inherited process in DevOps, I can't find a way to configure a hierarcy between them the way Epics and Features are related automatically (Parent/Child). E....
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Should iteration (sprint) dates in Azure DevOps include non-development phases of Agile sprints?

When creating iterations in Azure DevOps (Azure Boards), should non-development phases be included in the dates for each sprint iteration? My understanding is this: schedule sprint dates in Azure ...
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Best way to update user stories in multiple boards

I have recently joined as a Development Team lead in an organisation and there are multiple dev teams in here each working of their own Azure Devops board. Our teams follow a 2 weeks sprint cycle. ...
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How to properly add or manage a repeated User Story in Auzre DevOps's backlog?

A user story needs to happen each sprint, and I want it to handle it properly - whatever that may mean - within Azure DevOps. I am used to adding user stories for single-issue tickets but have never ...
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How to use Azure DevOps with Kanban

I am reading Eric Brechener's Agile Project Management with Kanban and Eric shows how to implement Kanban controlling tasks. He would breakdown topics into tasks and track the tasks in the board. I ...
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Best practice: best place to track ad-hoc, ongoing work

I've recently taken over a project from another scrum master. In the backlog there is a 'Feature' called 'Support HW Team' (HW -> Hardware) that has a bunch of vague stories under it and basically ...
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How do you close out a Scrum Sprint in Azure Boards? Especially, what should you do with partially completed user stories and tasks?

I am new to Azure Boards and finding it can be very confusing when it comes to scrum sprint ends and planning the next sprint. What should you do with user stories and their tasks that are only ...
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