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Change from waterfall to agile [closed]

I have been working on different kind of software projects implementation using the water fall methodology. now some of my clients want to shift to agile methodology. what do I need to take into ...
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Transfering customer SW requirements into requirements for internal teams

What are the best or some already used techniques to transfer customer software requirements into internal teams requirements inside company? To be more detailed, customer requirements need to be ...
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First step in analyzing the problem and coming up with the solution [closed]

I am working on a small case study of the restaurant who is suffering a loss in business of nearly about 70-80% due to COVID-19 situation so the business owner would like to revamp his whole business ...
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How to run a successful Lunch and Learn program for distributed Scrum team

At a previous company, in order to encourage continuous learning, the developers would host lunch and learn sessions to talk about a technology or approach that could assist our organization or ...
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Experience to qualify for PMP certification

I have not led a project of an industry, but I have an experience in Business Management whereby I have led a group of employees. Can I still enroll for PMP certification?
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What is the report called that tells you whether a business venture is worth pursuing?

This report would be distinct from a market research report which helps a business understand something central or auxiliary component of their existing business. I'm referring to a report that helps ...
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Employee hierarchy of a 20-people workshop

There is a 20-people workshop producing MDF kitchen cabinets and other home decorations. Employees can be grouped as: Sales people Workshop floor workers Installation workers One person who is owner ...
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What is the difference between Business/Management Consultant and Project Manager? [closed]

I met a business/management consultant 2 months ago working in one of the top business consulting firms. He explained to us that he, as a Business Consultant, can successfully manage projects more ...
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Value Adding VS Non Value Adding - Technique to identify.

For this question how would I go about identifying the non value adding? In my opinion non value adding would be activities with a wait and huge delay = 2,3,5,6,9 and 10 On a side note, would any of ...
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Automating processes within your organization?

Case: My company deals with creative tasks, which by default are difficult to automate: graphic design video editing / post-production audio composition & sound effects On the other side, for ...
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How to determine the business value of a new product functionality?

As a part of job interview for Product Management position, I am asked to propose a new product functionality for existing product, determine its business value and calculate the increase on MAU(...
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What does over-alignment mean for business or IT alignment?

I am quite confused with the term 'over-alignment'. Do you have any clue what this might mean in the context of business or IT alignment? My speculation is that it is like putting too much focus on ...
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9 answers

Are projects always intended to achieve business change?

Is (or should) a project always be performed with the intention of achieving business change? (And if so, does this mean that anything that isn't producing this change must be Business-As-Usual and ...
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15 votes
7 answers

How to Virtually Co-Locate: Operating across two offices

Apologies if this is the incorrect exchange to post this on but none of the others seemed appropriate. We are currently investigating the possibility of opening a second office. We are a web ...
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How to Introduce innovative change in organizational processes when upper management defends status quo

I have been involved in a couple of project for the past year, and I have been lucky to work with the brilliant team. I noticed that in each of these project there seem to be one or two persons who ...
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The Case for Hourly Estimates

My boss has always operated on fixed pricing projects; where we rarely see a profit on. I'm on board with selling our clients hourly rates on large projects. We have yet to get a client willing to ...
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How can you productively challenge corporate policies to investigate what can be changed?

Often, corporate policies governing a work-flow or project management processes are outdated or were decisions that were made arbitrarily. Sometimes there is a reason behind them. WHat are the best ...
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3 answers

Quality Improvement Projects in Operational Environments

The idea here is to improve the quality of the service delivered by the Operations Team in a department responsible for the distribution of Variable Marketing Payments. This team primarily creates ...
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