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This tag is used for questions about business process mapping activities or diagrams.

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Software recommendation for interdependent Organization charts, Relationship maps and Business process diagrams [closed]

I’m looking for a recommendation for a software (or possibly a collection of mutually compatible softwares) capable of creating Organization Charts, Relationship Maps and Business Process Diagrams. ...
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How to represent the current business situation using process flow or modelling? [duplicate]

I am working on a small case study of the restaurant who is suffering a loss in business of nearly about 70-80% due to COVID-19 situation so the business owner would like to revamp his whole business ...
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What is the best way to link the Business Cases to the user stories in Scrum?

I am Product Owner of a Scrum Team which has to develop features for multiple business units. All these features are translated in user stories. Of course, some features are developed for multiple ...
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Diagram for mapping project dependencies or relationships

Is there a particular diagram established for the mapping of projects that are related? The goal here would be to find a way to make ties between related projects either based on dependencies or ...
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Is implement business analysis in an organisation the best way?

The organization I'm currently working at, have no business analysis approach. Due to that lack, all the changes/upgrades we are doing or trying to do are hellish. The technical person has trouble ...
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Does it make sense to require developers to write a "business value add" section in each issue?

Background In our company we demand that engineers write a brief one liner section in each ticket they work on (from jira/github/gitlab etc) that explains the "business requirement".. the logic of ...
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Should a process map include exceptions?

I am relatively new to creating process maps. Is it common to map out exceptions to a "happy path" process (handling errors), or is there a better way to document those exceptions?
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