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Capability Maturity Model Integration

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Capability Maturity Model - Stage 2 What does managed maturity characterization mean, and why is it undesireable?

The following upward flowing staircase chart representing the progressive stages starting from stage 1 of the present maturity of an organization's process capability, called CMMI (Capability Maturity ...
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Can someone please explain when Capability Maturity Model is used when analyzing data structures?

From reading the entry on Wikipedia, Capability Maturity Model is an abstraction of an existing system. I'm not sure when this abstraction is employed when analyzing an organization's data structure. ...
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How do project management maturity levels relate to the introduction of portfolio management?

I am researching project and portfolio management. I want to use the P3M3 self-assessment in my work and wonder if there any limitations regarding project management maturity level on using portfolio ...
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How to implement CMMI RSKM SP 1.1 Determine Risk Sources and Categories in TFS?

TFS's CMMI for Process Improvement process template has a Word template called for registering risk sources and categories but there aren't any fields in the Risk Work ...
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Does an organisation have to satisfy all key process areas to achieve a maturity level in CMMI?

I have been learning about CMMI and one thing that I'd like to know, say for example an organisation satisfies some key process areas such as Requirements management, software quality assurance. What ...
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CMMI and SCRUM related jobs

I am an IT student and have been working on team-based projects for several years. I have read some papers about CMMI and SCRUM, and this is really interesting to me and I would like to know what kind ...
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How do unknown-scope projects achieve project-level estimation with regards to the CMMI's Project Planning Specific Goal?

Specific Goal (SG) 1 of the Project Planning process area in CMMI (assessed at CMMI Level 2) is to establish estimates. One of the Specific Practices (SPs) that is recommended to achieve this goal is ...