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software development through collaboration of waterfall and agile methods

How can waterfall method and agile method be used in a single project?
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Is it really always bad to have MS Outlook as primary collab system? [closed]

I work in a high tech software engineering in a small RnD group which is a part of a group of about 50 people of different functions. In our small team we tried multiple project management software ...
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1 answer

Distribution of resources in a team with multiple projects

For about a year I had a team of three people (including myself) working on one project who is made essentially of two components, written in two different programming languages. Both of the software ...
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2 answers

Can scrum teams using JIRA work alongside a PMO using a tool called Workfront?

Apologies if this sounds like an agonising 'which tool' question. It is not meant to be. I have a client who has a global license for a tool called Workfront. They are setting up a new PMO to run ...
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4 answers

How can we keep track of changes to translations within our project?

I work in a game development company with around 100 employees. Every one of them can add text for translating. There is a lot of text to translate, so keeping track of all the text is problematic. ...