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Working with a "single point of contact"

I've often seen it recommended to include a "single point of contact" clause in the contract. This stipulates that all communication between a client company and your own company must be made between ...
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What makes an effective email status report? Why? [closed]

In project management, what criteria make an effective email status report? How often should a status report be sent to be useful? Daily? Weekly? Every sprint end?
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What Should a Project Manager Do If Development is Not Completed On Time?

I am a project manager of a development team. Oftentimes, the deadline for the development project is not met. About my team: I have 4 people in my team, and they are older than me. Sometimes I ...
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Splitting PM responsibility between technical lead and non-technical PM on an agile project?

In practical terms, how do you suggest that a technical lead (me) work with a non-technical PM who is responsible for multiple projects? How should dependencies between stories, and external ...
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How to deliver bad news to a project sponsor?

Report Performance (especially if it is behind plans) is a responsibility of a project manager (according to PMBOK). Very often adequate and accurate reporting of insufficient performance will provoke ...
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Number of communication channels in Chief-Programmer model

In democratic model if there are n people in a team the formula to calculate the number of communication channels is n*(n-1)/2 But there is also another model called Chief-Programmer model and the ...
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