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For questions about cross-functional teams.

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How to achieve substitutability if the team is not cross-functional (operation team)?

How to achieve substitutability if the team is not cross-functional (operation team)? Currently in my Operation team, there are 3 sub-teams, each consisting of 2-3 people, which are handling different ...
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Cross-functionality is not scalable. Is there evidence that it is optimal for scrum teams, or did CF just become popular due to low "management cost"?

Is cross-functionality a concept that bleeds in any sufficiently big software-architecture? Due to an organizational restructuring, we have been working in a cross-functional software-development ...
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Sprint Planning for Agencies

I'm looking for some help finding resources on sprint planning specifically for agencies, namely a web design and development firm focusing primarily on web apps. So a typical project would be a ...
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What if developers don't want to spend their time on manual testing?

I have experience of working with a team where developers didn't want to do manual testing because they considered it to be wasting of their time - QA work (especially manual testing) doesn't improve ...
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In an Agile team, should developers perform testing?

It was generally considered that developers develop and testers test. Is it right for an Agile team? For example, in Scrum, should developers take tester's tasks in the end of a Sprint to help ...
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How to manage Cross-teams Roadmaps and high level tasks

Do you have any recommendations to track Roadmaps when working with multiple teams and cross-teams projects? Right now we work with Jira and spreadsheets, so any useful templates or tips for combining ...
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2 answers

How to utilize resources effectively in cross-functional scrum teams?

I agree on an idea of making teams cross-functional. However, I doubt that resources may not utilize effectively when the nature of the work varying sprint to sprint. For example, There are database ...
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Is implement business analysis in an organisation the best way?

The organization I'm currently working at, have no business analysis approach. Due to that lack, all the changes/upgrades we are doing or trying to do are hellish. The technical person has trouble ...
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Frontend/backend feature team with little shared knowledge

We are considering creating a feature team with three frontend/UX developers and a few backend developers (no full stack developer). I would like to know whether putting them together in a cross-...
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What to do if team can't be made cross-functional?

I work in a small video game development studio, where the whole company is one team working on one product, and each person has a fixed broad function (e.g. programmer, artist, musician). We can't be ...
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Does anyone estimate stories per discipline in a single story?

SITUATION: Understand which disciplines are more burdened than others on cross-discipline teams. POSSIBLE OPTION: When estimating a story, provide a story point estimate for each of the different ...
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8 votes
6 answers

What are reasons against cross-functional teams?

I often work in companies where functional departments are rigidly separated. To me this seems inefficient, as adds a lot of communication overhead. Are there reasons why companies prefer this type ...
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How to motivate team members to share knowledge

I am working in a small team. On the individual level we have well-set knowledge related to our day-to-day activities. Nevertheless I am thinking that if we could share our best practices successfully ...
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7 answers

How to better balance resources in a cross-functional agile team?

I am the project manager for a team composed of employees who were hired specifically as QA or development prior to agile/scrum being adopted by the organization. Just for background, I came into the ...
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Is it possible for someone to be a member of two Scrum teams, and how can that be made to work most effectively?

We have an organization where we're moving to two scrum teams working on different parts of our our backlog. I understand the idea that each team should be a complete cross-functional unit, and ...
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